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I have felt exactly the same... Sickly but not sick, hope it doesn't stick around long. I was 9wks yesterday... Im having a rough day emotionally today... My nana keeps taking lil digs bout me being pregnant, was goin to break the news to my parents today but have been put off... Iv told my partner im just goin to keep the pregnancy to myself now and let people figure it out on their own

So sorry to hear of your loss ems77 GBH to you xox... I have decided to take a break from fb for a while so will be posting in here a little more instead just till I feel up to going back on fb... I have been so tired and emotional since the weekend and been feeling pretty sock but today has been one of my better days... Haven't got to the point im spewing and touch wood it stays that way... Anyhow better get some sleep, hope you are all well xox

Ckeekie_chopz I haven't told my mum im pregnant with my 4th yet... Im actually a bit scared to announce it to anyone after my nana told me to be prepared for alot of flack from my family and she's all worried about her reputation... After this baby I have 4 kiddies with 3 different dads... The first left me when I was pregnant with my oldest, I was with middle 2 dad for 5yrs and married 2 of those years and couldn't take anymore of his crap so left him... Never thought I would end up having another baby, only been with my partner since October but must say he is amazing with my kiddies and he's really excited about becoming a dad for the first time we just didn't expect it to happen this early if at all... Like they say everything happens for a reason but this is definitely my last

I haven't been added to the huggies group on fb

Oh dear I hope for your sake you manage to keep it down. Where in NZ do you live? Im in te awamutu.

Hi girls how is everyone doing? sorry I have been so quiet. I have been so tired and can barely keep my eyes open and also get quite nauseous in the evenings but haven't actually been sick... I hurt my back earlier in the week and because it was so bad the dr gave me a voltaren injection (the highest dose he could give be being pregnant) I really didn't want it knowing you're not supposed to have it while pregnant and now im worried it may affect the baby I am all booked for dating scan next Thursday and have to take 2 of my kiddies along with me which should be interesting lol... Was just wondering would someone mind adding me to the group on fb? Im in another huggies group on there from when I had my daughter and we are still really close and they're an amazing bunch of ladies I have trouble posting on here due to only have my fone to do it off. hope you're all having a great weekend and pregnancy is treating you well xox

Hi ladies. How are you all? Hope you had a great new years. Still no morning sickness here but I wish it would hurry up lol. Still only feeling really tired and have sore boobs but I guess thats always a good sign things are happening. Need to go for more bloods this week to check my levels are rising. Feeling a bit better emotionally now after a couple of days doing nothing but cry due to an outsider trying to push me to terminate Well better get goin as my monkies are fighting a bit this morning. Hope you all have a great day.... Love Marlene xox

Hi ladies... Well I got a faint positive last Thurs but as usual I wasn't convinced till I had it confirmed by the dr last Sunday lol... This will be baby #4 for me but my partners first... My other 3 are jayden 8, hunter 4 and Britney 2... Going off my dates I would be 6weeks today which would make it an august bub but because I always get put back a week or 2 I thought I would join you ladies instead... Might see if I can have a dating scan in a couple weeks to see what my due date will be exactly... I look forward to getting to know you all

Hi ladies, How is everyone doing? It has been so long since I posted on here I have been a bit slack lol. Can't believe how quick time has gone it is quite sad really. Not sure if I had mentioned this but when Britney was 2weeks old my oldest was diagnosed high functioning autistic so have had my hands full there but he goes to respite care now so thats really helpful. Hubby is booked in to see nurse tomorrow about getting the snip I want him to do it but the same time I don't. I guess I just feel a little sad about the fact I can't have anymore but 3 is enough for me lol. My little girl is now rolling around the floor and getting very vocal I might add hehe. Haven't started solds yet but may look at doing towards the end of the week because she is starting to wake at night after sleeping through the whole time darn it. Well must go but will check in here a bit more often now Marlene (AKA mummy2jaydenandhunter)

Hi ladies, Don't mean to crash your thread but just wanted to say congrats to you all. I had my baby girl in Feb this year. She is my 3rd baby I already had 2 boys. If you don't mind I will pop in every now and then and say hi. Love to you all <3