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Thanks for replying..think I will def. try something else come March..or sooner, depending on what the doc says/can do..dont think this is for me...even though the first 3 months were great

Anyone out there that has had this, and has had problems with excessive bleeding? I had the first shot in September and all was great for 3 months, no period, no side effects..had slight spotting towards end of November, and doc said in early Dec. that would stop when I went in for 2nd shot. Well it continued for the rest of Dec. until early January. Was just spotting more than actual bleeding, more annoying than anything. Well about a week after the spotting stopped, the bleeding came back, but more like a full on period, and now to the extent that its ridicoulously heavy, to the point that I need to 'check' on things every hour to make sure I have no accidents (not an easy thing to do when ur at work). I have a doc appt for Friday, but not sure I can actually wait that long. Sorry for TMI but I"m having to change my tampon every hour (just bought super ones tonight), and not sure how I"m going to go tonight when sleeping. Anyone else had a similar thing..can the d...

I got the payment automatically last year, my ftb is due this Wed. when i checked online services yesterday, it had no record of the School Kids Bonus, I clicked on a link in online services and had to upadte my kids details (one goes to school, one starting kindy), once I had submitted that the payment showed up as being paid this Wed. with my normal FTB. So if you cant see it in Online Services, but are expecting it, maybe try that. Ive had a few friends that have had to do the same thing.

I have a couple of times now, and apart from 2 small sensitive bits (on the edges lol) the rest was pretty painless..much better than what I was expecting..the 2nd time was better than the first as well..will def. get it done again

Mine didnt increase with either pregnancy I stayed in an E cup all the way through..and am still in one now..glad they didnt 'shrink' after breastfeeding lol

My DD (8) takes her lunch every day. She is in Year 3 now and I think has ordered from the canteen maybe 5 times. They have a good range of healthy options plus not so healthy, but she prefers a home packed lunch so i'm happy with that. Hoping DD2 (3) will be the same once she starts school. When I was in primary school, we were allowed to have a lunch order every Friday or 2nd Friday. At high school we were given money to take as well as lunch, usualy the lunch didnt get eaten and the money got spent on not so healthy options. Mind you the canteen back then didnt ahve the options that my daughters school canteen has today.

I"m about 1/4 of the way through the 2nd book. Loved the 1st one, and look forward to reading the 2nd one. Its basically a Mills and Boon romance with sex lol Nothing wrong with that!!

We have always done 'extra curricular' activities. Started with swimming lessons when they were both 6 months old (now aged 8 and 3). DD1 no longer needs lessons as she is quite a competent swimmer (at both freesytle and backstroke) and finds structured lessons boring. DD2 is almost to the point where she can swim on her own without a flotation device (her swimming centre uses backpacks). DD1 also plays netball, they practice for 45 mins on Thursday and have games on Saturday morning. DD2 has her swimming lessons on Sunday mornings. At one stage DD1 was doing swimming lessons, netball and calisthenics (practice was 1 hour on Monday evening). She loved them all and didnt want to stop any of them, even though I thought it would be a bit much for her. As she gold older, she decided to give up Calisthenics and focus on netball. I want to start DD2 at calisthenics at the end of the year, as I know she will love it and thrive at it. But when it gets to the point where she no long...

I saw something on tv the other day talkinga bout colds/flu's etc, and it said that we can catch up to 10 colds a year, sometimes more. That there are about 200 different cold viruses and the systems are usually the worst for 1-3 datys. If you go downhill after you have started feeling better, it means you have caught a different cold virus than the one you previously had. They also spoke about the difference between a common cold and the flu, as many adults claim they have the flu when in fact its just a cold. if a fever is present above 39c then you are dealing with the flu. Also not sure who it was that said about not given kids blue medicine. When I mentioned the Dimetapp (blue), I was referring to the colour of the box, not the actual medicine. The medicine is clear and from memory is actually sugar free.

I took DD2 (turned 3 in April) to her first cinema movie last year in about September, she was great. Got a bit boreda bout 3/4 the way thru the movie, played on my phone for about 5 mins then went back to the movie. I think each child is different and it depends on their attention span, and whether they are actually interested in the movie. We saw Chipmunks and she had seen the ads on tv and was very excited to see it.