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hi there my DD2 is 6 wks and ive been mainly feeding off one boob and express the other. for some reason she always gets fussy and its not comfy feeding her on my right boob but shes fine on my left, so i just express the other side and give it to her in a bottle if she still hungry after shes finished on boob

pea in the pod, sweet lilly maternity, ripe and asos are all really good for dresses and something special to wear to weddings! asos has super good deals! not sure actual wsites so google them!

hi ladies! mia is now 5 wks old and doing fantastic! had last midwife visit yesterday and has now hit 5kg! and is 57cm long - she either has had a huge growth spurt or they measured her wrong (she was 49cm born). still got a bit of hormone rash on her face and chest but is started to go. still persivaring with expressing and bf but only feeding on left boob as other side still sore but am happy im still giving her 100% my milk sleep been going really well shes been goin down between 9.30 - 10 then wakes up at around 3-4am up for a hr then will sleep till bout 7-8. booking her 6wk doctors check and injections next wk - hopefully shell be like her sister and not blink a eye at them getting gorgus smiles now love those gummy smiles!

my DD2 is 5 wks tomorrow and ive been expressing for the majority of the time with a manual pump i find its not that much hassle just do it when i know shes due for a feed - i have a super fast let down so only takes me 5 or so mins to get 100ml each boob. at the moment im doing between 80-100ml each boob.i find a have to change speed during it so start fast then slow then fast etc.

me too! im really stuck on how to get my lil girl toilet trained shes almost 2 & 1/2 yr old. she did her first and only wee on the toilet at her friends (i missed it!) because her best bud did ! my email is [email protected] would be much appreciated!!!

yes it is really petty and immature considering she is my older sister aswell. at the moment we only have cellphones no landline so cant call, have gone round to my parents house to try skype on their computer but it always works out to late as i have to get my toddler to bed. ive talked to her on skype and emailed aswell so it wasnt like i wasnt trying at all. im just going to leave the ball in her court and if she decides she was wrong and being immature and apologises im fine with that but im not going try fix it when i shouldnt have to in the first place. thanks ladies it good to know im not the only one thinking shes been immature

just need a vent. the other day i got a email from my sister (who has been tripping round europe and now working in england) saying that she wants nothing to do with me and that i just lost a sister. i have just had my 2nd baby girl a month ago. her reasons she told my mum was that i havn't tried to get my skype fixed or talked to her. im so pissed off and really cant be bothered with her. ive been so busy with my new baby and a toddler i hardly have any time to do anything for my self let alone worry about damn skype. (the only thing wrong with it is i cant hear the other person but the picture is fine.) i said to her that we can still go on to show her my baby and little girl - she said no she didnt want that so thats her choice. she emailed my parents telling them and my mum rang me saying she can see both sides as shes probly homesick and feels left out or what not. but that is no reason to do what shes doing and yet im the one who has to make it right when shes the one ...

DD1: 7 hrs active labour, 1 & 1/2 hrs pushing (induced on drip) she was 8lb 9 DD2: 5 hrs active labour, 40 mins pushing (just had gel) she was 9lb 2nd time way better did it drug free - felt so much better post birth

ive always been told the opposite! that water helps prevent or lessen tears as it softens the pernium. i was in the pool for my DD2 and just 15 mins in the water helped me i had no tears this time round compared to 3 stitches with my DD1 and didint use the pool. DD2 was bigger aswell! was drug free 2nd time and was leaning over the bed compared to induced and on back feet in stirrups. i would do water again for sure . and also for me feeling when to push and what not 2nd time round drug free helped

hi there, i just had my DD2 4 wks ago and did it drug free. with my DD1 i was induced (had the drip) and was stuck on the bed with monitors and ended up getting epidural but not the proper thing just local as it was enough to relax me then was ready to push within minutes. was really painfull as i couldnt move around to cope with pain. this time i think breathing was the best help for me, every contraction i just stood up leaning on the bed rocking my hips and deep breathing through it was the best. i only had to get the gel to induce me this time so i was free to walk around as i wanted and i hoped in the bath(planned on wanting a water birth) and within 15 mins of getting in i was ready to push went from 6cm to fully in 15 min! ended up getting to hot in pool so hoped out. for me i expected it to be sore but told my self the pain was good and there for a reason - to get this baby out! i really didnt even cross my mind to get releif all i was thinking is get this baby out! lol ...