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General Info

What is the Huggies Forum?

The Huggies Forum is an online discussion forum. Huggies Club members can use the forums to post and reply to messages about topics that interest them concerning pregnancy, babies and parenting.

How do the forums work?

The Huggies Forum is made up of a number of forum groups. Each forum group has a name, for example ‘Pregnancy & Birth’ and contains several forums such as ‘Planning for Pregnancy’, ‘Your Labour and Birth’, etc. The forum groups and forums are set-up by the Huggies Forum team. Within the forums, you can create ‘topics’ for discussion. Other members can read through topics and ‘post’ their own replies.

What is a ‘topic’?

A topic is a subject for discussion within a forum, for example ‘Coping with Morning Sickness’. There can be many topics in a forum. Within each topic, members can read and post their own replies. Or members can start their own new topics to start a new discussion. It is important that the subject of a topic is clear and descriptive. This will help members understand what a particular topic is about.

What is a ‘post’?

A post is a message which has been submitted to a topic. If you post to the forum it is a public forum and can be read by other members and the general public.

What does the information on the forum home page mean?

The Huggies Forum homepage provides you with a menu of the most active and popular topics, and highlights some topics that have recently had replies. You can find links to Browse all forums, and to view your posts.

How do I read posts and topics in the public forum?

The first step is to click on a forum. This will take you to the discussion area for that forum and will display all of the topics within that forum. By clicking on a topic you can then read through the posts which have been submitted by other members.

How do I get started posting?

Sign in to the Huggies site or if you are not already a member join as a Huggies Club member. This will provide you with access to posting and replying on the forum.

How do I post a new message?

To post a new message you first need to be logged in. You can post a new message by clicking on the ‘Start New Topic’ button which appears at the top of every forum page. You can then proceed to type your new message and submit it to the forums.

How do I reply to a post in the public forum?

To reply to an existing topic, simply select the topic that you wish to reply to and click on the ‘Reply’ button. You will then see a box where you can type in your message.

What other functions are available when creating or replying to a post?

You will notice a few other buttons that you may find useful:

  • Quote – this copies the text from the post that you are replying to and includes it in your post.
  • Cancel – this cancels your reply and no message is posted.
  • Preview – this allows you to see how your post will look before you submit to the forum.
  • Add reply – this is the final process when posting a message to the forum.
  • Learn how to use BBCode – this gives you guidelines so that you can include bold text, italics etc.
  • Emotions – you can add these to your posts. They can help to convey the tone of your message.
  • Edit – You can return at any stage and edit your own posts.
How do I keep track of my posts and the replies? Is there an email tracking option?

When you start a new post or reply to a post you have the option of ticking the box which will enable you to receive an email notification when replies are made to this topic. This can be turned off by editing your post and removing the tick. The threads you have subscribed to are then listed under Topics in your main menu. The My Posts option in this area also lists all of the posts that you have made to date.

How do I choose a forum username?

You can select your own personal username by selecting My Huggies in the green box menu, and then selecting under the “My details” tab on your My Huggies menu. This is a name that other members can identify you by and is able to be viewed by the public. It should not contain your email address or personal contact information.

What is a signature?

Signatures follow after each of your posts. An example may be Mum of 3 from NSW. It is not essential to have a signature.

Is there a limit to signature size?

We ask that you keep your signatures relatively small. As a rule, please do not exceed 50 characters.

Can I include an image in my signature?

Images are permitted in the signature area and should be no larger then 580 pixels wide and 120 pixels high. This assists with page formatting and page loading times. If you do choose to include an image, please keep in mind the public nature of the forum, whereby the forum content can be accessed by members as well as the general public. We do not recommend that you include personal photographs in your signature. Please also choose a signature that is in keeping with the tone of a parenting site.

Do I have to accept cookies?

Yes. Cookies are used to track which posts you have read for your current session. Without accepting cookies some functions of the Huggies Forum will not work properly.

Why is a post’s subject so important?

The first post of a given topic establishes the subject by which all subsequent replies will be known. Make it as descriptive and as specific as possible without being too long.

Can I start my own forum?

No. Forums can only be started by the Huggies Moderators. If you have a suggestion for a new forum, please use the Contact A Moderator function to let us know.

Can I start my own topics?

Yes. You can start topics and other members can reply to your topic by posting their messages. Simply click on the relevant topic to your post, and then click on ‘Start New Topic’ just under the search bar.

What is a ‘sticky’ post?

A sticky post is similar to any other post, with the exception that it has been assigned a higher priority. It can be displayed at the top of its category and it might contain an important topic or an announcement. A sticky post can only be made by the Huggies Forum team and it will appear on the Welcome page

Can I search the forums?

Yes, simply type your search terms into the search box that appears above each forum post, and click the search button.

Is there a spellchecker?

No. There are however spell check functions available through your browser, which you can activate. Alternatively you can cut and paste into a word processing program to check your spelling, and then re-paste it back to the forum.

Can I include links in my post?

Yes. Simply type in the URL and it will automatically become a link (eg www.huggies.com.au)

Can I change my username?

To make a change to your username select My Huggies from the green menu box, click on “My details” and type in your new Forum username. Remember that this name is public and can be seen by visitors to the site.

Can I cancel my own membership and what happens when I do this?

Our Baby Club members have the option of canceling their own membership at any time. This can be done by selecting My Huggies in the green box, and then selecting ‘Cancel my membership now’ at the bottom of the page.

When this option is selected, your email address and associated details will be removed from our customer database. Your username will be changed to ‘No Longer A Member’, making your posts anonymous; however the content of your posts will remain on the system. Please do not submit any posts to the forum that you do not wish to remain permanently on the site.

Once cancelled your membership cannot be reinstated, however you do have the option of starting afresh and rejoining the Huggies Baby Club at anytime in the future.